Top 5 Search Engine Tactics That You Must Discard

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Are you still using some of the old search engine strategies to get traffic for your website and attract your visitors?

As we all are well aware that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key for driving quality traffic from organic search. Hence it’s important to evaluate your SEO tactics from time to time to achieve some amazing results to boost incoming website traffic.

Definitely, it takes plenty of time and patience to develop a suitable strategy that works best for your business. But it’s worth putting that effort, if you want to stay on ahead of the competition among other big players in the industry.


Why keep on changing your SEO strategy?

The world of digital marketing and technology is growing at a fast pace than ever before and what worked well yesterday for your business, may not be able to reap the same rewards today.

With so many Google algorithm changes and updates taking place, websites that experienced high volume of traffic, just a few days ago may be even penalized today. Hence, it makes sense to stay in tune with the new trends in the market and minimize your business risks as far as possible.

It’s important to identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses by making the required changes now than regretting later. Make your tactics more effective and cut down your initiatives that have proved to be less successful in yielding positive results for your business.

Your focus must be to get rid of the outdated SEO tactics and find out better alternatives that can boost your business prospects.


Here is a list of some of the top SEO tactics that you must ditch from now onwards:

# Stop keyword stuffing

Over the years, keyword stuffing has lost its relevance and no longer tolerated by the search engines. Hence, don’t try to introduce too many keywords by stuffing your content, metadata description or titles to avoid getting your website penalized or removed by the search engines.


#Avoid spammy guest blogging links

Guest blogging can definitely give you some good results by bringing more exposure and increased traffic to your website. Even today, original and high quality content is still greatly valued and preferred by the search engines. However, it’s important to be selective about linking your website to other blog sites that may be just relying on creating backlinks to gain more exposure.

Upload your content to only popular and well-known blog sites that are relevant in some way to your own website.


# Keywords in meta data descriptions not a priority

It’s definitely ok to have some chosen and relevant keywords in your metadata descriptions, but they no longer can guarantee high SEO rankings for your website.

Instead, you can add more utility to your metadata descriptions by keeping the user preferences and needs in mind to make them understand- why they need to click on your link and how they can get valuable information from your website.


# Forget using too many links

The quality of your links can make a drastic difference to your SEO and website rankings than the quantity itself. You can have as many links as much as your need provided they are used in reasonable amounts to justify their purpose.

But never use links with the intention of improving your SEO rankings as this effort is likely to fail miserably.


# Stay away from deceptive content

Last but not the least, make sure you are not duplicating content just for SEO purposes, especially poor quality content is likely to be shunned by the search engines.

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