How To Use High Quality Content To Boost Your SEO Rankings

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SEO content - a ranking factor

Do you want to improve your website SEO rankings and boost your brand visibility to reach out to new customers?

It’s quite obvious that every company wants to remain competitive today and get high rankings for their website. Remember, today it is no longer enough to have a number of good links or exclusive keywords for your website to be featured high among the search engine results.

According to the recent survey conducted by SearchMetrics, it’s the quality of your content that ultimately determines SEO rankings for your website. They have come up with some interesting findings, which suggest that websites must be able to produce rich and high quality content- that is more relevant and holistic in nature.


Let’s look in more detail at some of the core factors that can help to improve your SEO rankings based on this report:

-Focus on semantically comprehensive content

It’s important to lay more emphasis on optimization of content as a whole, rather than just include a few specific key terms to rank higher in the search results. Today, Google places greater importance for semantics and context than ever before with its better understanding of these terms.

In short, it looks at both proof terms and relevant terms in an article that must be included for Google to associate them together in a particular context. For ex: Car and Bumper can be related to each other, whereas television is out of the context.


-Content with more length is always better

As per the findings based on the SearchMetrics report, long form content is the true winner and sites that have more words in the copy have a greater chance of achieving high search engine rankings.

At the same time, sites that feature content enriched by more attractive images, photos or even videos, not only get more social shares but higher rankings on the search engines. Finally, the readability of the content is equally important for the users and is related to more positive rankings on the search engine results page.


-Social signals can determine more success

Most of the posts or articles that rank high on Google have a large proportion of social signals or cues, including shares, likes, comments etc. There is no direct co-relation between better rankings and social sharing but definitely social signals play a key role in bringing brand awareness, improving overall site performance and traffic levels.


In a nutshell

The main focus for any website must be to constantly improve the quality of its content by keeping the above discussed factors in mind-namely long form content, image enriched with easy to read content, and semantically comprehensive content.

However, there are also other additional factors that you need to keep in mind such as improving on-page SEO, having high quality backlinks. You also need to ensure that all the technical aspects such as headers, meta tags, internal links to be displayed along with title tags and descriptions are maintained equally well to get better SEO performance.

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