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Do you believe that social media has an invaluable role to play in boosting your website rankings?

Probably, many smart marketers are making use of this vital marketing tool to increase more brand awareness among their customers.

Social media has the inherent power to attract millions of online viewers by sharing fascinating ideas with them. If used in the right manner, it can deliver some great results for bringing more exposure to your company website and attract the right target audience.

It’s extremely crucial for all companies-big or small to have social media presence in this digital age, otherwise they may not be able to survive the tough market competition and challenges posed by the industry.


Create a positive impact on your audience

One of the best ways to attract your vast number of online readers is to have a captivating and engaging content. At the same time, presentation of your content is very important and must look less obvious and not predictable to your readers.

Make sure your site looks extremely good and the articles or blog posts are well-arranged in a pleasing manner.

Be cautious about spelling and grammar, while sharing posts on social networking sites and ensure that your call to action statement is powerful enough to encourage your readers to take the required action.


Try emerging social media platforms to promote your website

If you would love to have some real time interaction and engagement with your audience, then it may be a good idea to explore some new platforms such as Quora. This platform is slowly gaining more popularity offering greater opportunity for more smart people to gather and express their views.

You can tap this social media channel to find topics of your relevance and niche or even follow them. Try answering questions on topics and include a link to your own website or social media account.

You could back your answers by providing in-depth and valuable information using images, links, data and facts to get credits, more upvotes for your answers and increase the number of followers. In short the higher the number of upvotes, the greater the chances of getting increased traffic to your own blog by building a solid online reputation.


Focus less on the commercial approach

It’s useful to lend your own personal touch on social media channels that helps in connecting easily with the people. Most of the readers tend to get attached to things that they are fond of and which makes them feel good. Make sure you keep the feel good factor of the target audience in mind, while posting or sharing any of your ideas or blog content across social media sites.

Use more visual images along with your website link on social media channels to effectively convey the marketing message of your company or brand. For ex: If you look at Instagram, 90% of the content is visual and most companies have succeeded in making a positive impact on their customers using this incredible platform.

You could even share screenshots of your website across social media channels to entice and encourage readers to view your website.


Final thoughts

In short, it’s important to be smart, useful and helpful to your readers in whatever way you can possibly contribute by sharing relevant information with them using different social media platforms.

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