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User Generated Content

Are you aware that the key ingredient to the success of your marketing campaign lies in integrating your user generated content?

Most marketers often overlook the importance of having a powerful user generated content or UGC that can be used as the voice to represent their companies. With a UGC, you can narrate your brand story in front of your potential customers and make a positive impact on their minds, while influencing their purchase decisions too, always taking special care of the SPAM that UGC may bring:


Tips that you can use to integrate UGC for your social campaigns

-Generate awareness and increase curiosity

One way to make your products popular and well-known among customers is to create a buzz about them in the beginning itself. Rather than awaiting the launch of your campaign, you can bring more awareness among the public to generate more excitement in them by hosting fun events.

In this way, you can increase your brand engagement levels and encourage greater participation on the actual day of the launch of your campaign.


-Use your mobile app for promotion

Many marketers have mobile app as part of their UGC campaign and if you’ve created one, then it may be a good idea to use them for publicizing your products using social networks.  Use creative methods to entice your target audience and have a consistent branding strategy throughout the entire event.


-Allow greater participation of people

Always keep your campaign rules simple and straightforward to encourage more number of people to participate in the event. Use limited hashtags to sustain the interest of your audience, else the purpose may be defeated and you may turn off your potential customers.


-Make hashtags more rewarding

Hashtags are the best way to build excitement and bring your content together in front of your audience. They can be used as vital communication channels to build rapport with followers and increase fan engagement to have a solid social marketing campaign.


-Promote selfies with props

Sometimes, it may be challenging to find out the meaning and context of the selfie in the absence of words that can identify your social campaigns. Make sure to offer props to your followers that can be included with their pictures to communicate your message clearly. Besides, other viewers may be easily able to identify with your campaign by scrolling down through their social feeds.


-Offer incentives and rewards

It’s always a good idea to provide some form of positive rewards or incentives to your followers for spending their valuable time or making vital contribution towards your social campaign. They can be financial rewards in the form of prizes or even connecting them directly to your UGC campaign, with causes that may be more meaningful and important to them.


-Increase fan engagement

One way to boost your brand engagement levels is to directly interact with your fans to garner better support. You can provide content which has shoppable links or even respond to fans who share or post photos, videos or any other content related to your brand.

Make sure to encourage more frequent activities among your followers as this has a greater influence on the behavior of your wider audience. At the same time, it’s important to maintain the trust and credibility of your audience. when participating in events related to your social campaigns.

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