Best Blogging Tools That You Can Use To Drive Targeted Website Traffic

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Did you know that blogging can be one of the most incredible ways to increase quality traffic to your website?

Blog Keyboard Keys

Blogging can bring tremendous exposure to your brand, while boosting online visibility of your company, if used in the right manner. However, if you’re serious about using blogging in your marketing campaigns, then it may be worthwhile to try some of the awesome tools that we’ve discussed below:


-Search for right keywords using SEMRUSH

SEMRUSH allows you to analyze competitor traffic and also find out the best combination of keywords that can be targeted to get high volume of traffic. There is an option of using the free version, where you can have instant access to the list of top 10 keywords.

Using this blogging tool, you can find out information about keywords that may be bringing traffic to your competitor’s website, along with the average number of Google searches done for the specific keywords.

In a way, if you know what type of keywords are driving maximum traffic to your competitor’s website, you can focus on writing more powerful content based on those keywords.


-Use Google Webmaster tools

As a blogger, if you’re not using Google Webmaster tools then you are missing on a great opportunity to bring the required traffic to your website. Now, as Google crawls through your site, it will report some major issues that may have to be resolved. It will point out to the search phrases that online visitors may be using to search for your content.

In short, it will display the search phrase, the number of impressions or the frequency with which your content made an appearance based on the search phrase. Along with these results, it can show you how many times the content is clicked by the users and their average position in the search engine results.

This may be helpful in correcting issues related to your content and optimizing them well to rank higher in the search results.


-Find related terms to your keywords

It’s no longer enough to focus entirely on one specific keyword to get better results with your website traffic. This is because Google has become much smarter and looks for more related terms, while going through all your content. is one such fantastic tool that allows to find related terms based on the keywords keyed in by the user. This can give you plenty of ideas for using these related terms or keywords and including them in your blog posts.


-Set up your own editorial calendar

If your want to organize your blogging in a more efficient manner, then it may be worth using the editorial calendar. You can simply create a plan for your content and write it much ahead of the time before publishing them. This provides you more flexibility in terms of delivering content on a consistent basis by planning for weeks ahead.

CoSchedule is one of the best editorial calendars that comes with WordPress and is pretty functional and easy to set up. You can create your own calendar to plan your content, manage tasks related to your blog and even schedule posts to be published across social media networks. 

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