Simple Tips That You Can Use To Increase Your Blog Subscribers List

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Are you interested in growing your blog subscribers list but not been able to achieve much success in your efforts?

Blog Subscribers

Sometimes, despite trying several methods it may not be possible to get the best results to boost your blog readership. If you think your efforts are not getting you where you want, then it’s time to rethink on your blog optimizing strategy and find out how you can add more value addition to attract more viewers to your blog.


Do some self-check to get better success

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the main purpose of your website?
  • Is it able to support and bring more exposure to your online business?
  • What do you wish to achieve in the end?

Just carefully think about these questions and find out answers to them and then try the strategies that we have suggested below to turn your website visitors into loyal blog subscribers.


#Focus on providing top quality content

If you’ve just started a new blog and want to attract more number of subscribers, create content that relates to your area of expertise and interest. Choose topics that can narrate your experiences and knowledge in a specific field.

Seek inspiration for content from your readers as they may be able to provide better insight into what they are particularly interested in reading. Use survey tools that allows you to use a one question survey and follow them up with your readers.

You could send a simple plain text or an email to your list of subscribers to share their struggles related to particular topics. Social media may be another useful tool to organize live content from the most authoritative blogs related to the industry.


# Have an effective and well-thought call to action

Pay attention in particular to the website design related to the call to actions as most often many bloggers easily tend to forget this vital aspect of attracting their visitors. Always use the sidebar to indicate to people that they can subscribe using their email address to your RSS feeds, newsletter or blog posts.

Offer then simple yet interesting incentives to encourage them to become subscribers such as offering an ebook, which has an attractive cover and a catchy title. Make sure to have content which is well-organized and structured using bullets, subtitles with some real life examples.

Always place your call to action at the end of your blog posts and make sure to insert a one line CTA to drive people’s attention.


# Make your landing page more valuable

The main purpose of your landing page is to drive maximum number of visitors to your website to boost the conversion rates. You can use simple and easy to use landing page builders that can be linked to your email service provider. Make sure to build a good and high quality list of email subscribers.

Create more value for your landing page so that the readers know that there is significant utility attached along with benefits of subscribing to your email list.

Your subscribing landing page must also include a privacy policy along with an optimized form and the option of choosing the frequency of receiving the emails.

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