Smart Techniques To Generate Search Return Traffic Using Your Content

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Do you want to maximize your search engine traffic and get better ROI for your business?

The best bet is to rely on using your content to drive targeted traffic by attracting maximum number of quality visitors. Many marketers have got immense success by using data-driven strategies to boost their content visibility across a wide spectrum of target audience.


How Hummingbird can give better search engine results?

Google’s Hummingbird has definitely proved to be far more effective by stressing on the importance of having quality content than the Panda algorithm in many ways.

Much before Panda and Penguin were rolled out to monitor content and quality of links, Google used to run on an infrastructure called as “caffeine”. This led to a drastic improvement with faster speed and greater efficiency in indexing the entire web.  

On the other hand, Hummingbird was specifically designed to offer more personalized search results, which could be beneficial to website visitors.

Instead of giving generic results based on keyword search, Hummingbird aims to provide your target audience with broader semantic search results. Search engines can now understand the intent of the user and not just what they type in the query to provide them with the best matching results. At the same time, this helps the marketers generate better visibility and exposure to their website to boost the traffic instantly.


Master some awesome content based strategies to boost your traffic

-Build your own list of search queries

One of the best ways to get visitors have quick access to your website is to create a huge list of search queries that may be relevant to your brand.

Do a good research on long tail keywords for each category of content that you create on the products and services offered to your customers.

Try using some effective keyword search tools such as to get a list of phrases. Choose the keyword phrases that you think could be most relevant to your products and get the volume data for them to know how many people are searching for those different phrases.

Based on your priority list of keywords, you can then use them to target your content to your niche audience.


-Focus on competitor research

Use some of the popular competitor auditing tools such as SEMrush and Buzzsumo in gaining valuable data and information about your competitor website.

For ex: SEMrush can provide you with a better insight on the keywords that may be driving maximum traffic to your competitor sites and their landing pages. Buzzsumo uses a slightly different approach by highlighting key content and using the social graph to get the results.


In a nutshell

Smart marketers always align their content to the marketing opportunities to enhance their business potential and bring high volume of traffic to their website, it definitely takes a lot of time and effort to gather different content ideas but in the end it can be highly rewarding for your business.

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