How To Use Short Videos To Promote Your Social Media Marketing Campaign?

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Do you own a small business and want to bring more exposure to your online brand with limited budget?

Most marketers are of the view that creating videos may be quite expensive for their business and shy away from using such marketing tactics to boost their advertising efforts. However, the fact is that if you aren’t using this powerful tactic for marketing, then you might be missing on some incredible opportunity to connect with your niche target audience.

Here we explore some interesting ways to know how short videos can be used effectively to attract your online visitors:


Why using short videos is vital to your business?

-Short videos can be attention grabbing and require brief attention spans from your potential customers.

-They can be far more effective in communicating your marketing message across a wide range of audience.

-They can be shared across multiple social media sites to provide wide coverage to your products and services.

Short videos can be streamed in a wide range of formats across different social platforms such as Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest. At the same time, they can be easily viewed across a range of mobile devices by people who lack time, but need some informative and interesting content to read on the web.

Short video promos using humor and captivating messages can be the best way to attract your target audience.


Smart techniques to use short videos for your marketing campaigns

-Offer solution to a problem

Share practical tips and suggestions with your customers for solving specific issues faced by your customers through your videos. You can show a demo of your product and how it can be useful in providing a viable solution.

You can even provide them with step-by-step instructions using a short video for this purpose. This can help in driving more traffic to your website and entice more number of customers towards your products.


-Keep your message brief and simple

One of the secrets of creating short and successful videos is by converting even the most complex ideas to make it very easy and simple for your users to understand them. Short videos can be made more meaningful by using sharing DIY methods that may contain valuable source of information for your online viewers.

As long as your videos are useful and interesting, they can be used to highlight your marketing messages in a subtle manner.


-Entertain your audience

It’s always important to engage your viewers in different ways to sustain their interest in your videos so that they enjoy watching it until the end. Describe everyday situations through your videos or create some special effects using different online tools.

You can even create short videos to showcase upcoming events that may be of special interest to your audience. Use introduction videos to share interesting insights about your company and its products and services.


In a nutshell

Short and professional videos do not need to be always very expensive as there are clever techniques and tools that can be used to create a lasting impression on your potential customers.

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