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There are dozens of ways to spread your content online, but none are as effective as getting popular and influential people to share that content for you. This is partially due to the high SEO value of links from popular sources, and partially due to the large audiences controlled by those individuals. In fact, a recent study from BuzzSumo found that content shared by an influential person typically has a compounding effect on the total number of shares that content will receive, resulting approximately one third more shares overall.

While the thought of getting your content on the radar of the biggest players in your niche might seem intimidating at first, there are several simple steps you can take to make that goal quite achievable. Below you'll learn about how you can take advantage of this phenomenon and get your own content shared by some of the most influential people in your niche.


Give Them Free Publicity

It should come as no surprise to hear that people are often motivated to share things that praise them, or highlight some positive aspect of what they do. For example, a "best of" article that includes a number of top products in your industry might also include products belonging to the individual you'd like to get shared by. That's why you should consider creating content that gives highly regarded individuals this type of free publicity, incentivizing them to share what you make.

Furthermore, while many of the top brands will pick up these social mentions with the use of brand monitoring tools, it is better not to leave things up to fate. After you have finished your post, be sure that all the relevant parties know about your mention. Send them a message on Facebook, tag them in a tweet, or otherwise ensure they know exactly where and when that content was shared.


Use Their Favorite Sites

Another relatively simple way that you can get influential people to share your content is to figure out what sites they like to use as sources. Determining what sites social influencers use is generally as simple as using a tool like Followerwonk or Tospy, which can help you order Twitter profiles by authority and influence, and then show you where those influencers are most likely to share. After you have a couple of ideas, you can consider creating a guest post on one of those sites or try pitching and article to the people who write there. Although this kind of targeted outreach can take considerable effort, if you end up appearing on a site that one of these influential people shares from, it's likely you'll reap considerable rewards.


Try Asking Them Directly

How many influential people have you asked to share your last piece of content? If the answer is between zero and two, you may need to consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and asking for a little help. It's not uncommon to feel uncomfortable asking for a favor, particularly from the stranger, but doing so can be surprisingly effective. Often times, all you have to do to assure compliance is be certain that whatever content you want shared is relevant to the audience of the person you want to share it. Best of all, there's almost no downside to this approach. It takes only a couple of minutes to send a few emails, and the potential benefits can be considerable.


Pursue Collaboration

If you haven't already, consider trying to get your influential targets involved in creating a piece of content. After someone has invested time and energy into creating content, so long as they're proud of the work they've done, they'll be glad to help you promote it. A subtle way to do this is to get an interview with one of your experts, request a guest post, or simply use a quote for some content that are already creating.

Alternatively, you can try asking several target influencers for a quote or recommendation, and then create an article out of the tips that you get. The practice of curating knowledge from several of the leading minds in your industry can be very valuable readers, and it tends to produce considerable social engagement due to the number of experts cited. Like with using the sites that are popular with influencers, this practice can be time consuming, but will almost always pay off in the end with high quality content, shares, and stronger working relationships.


Create Excellent Content

You might think that creating excellent content goes without saying, but it's worth mentioning here because most leading influencers only achieved their status because they were able to maintain very high standards for the quality of their work. If you want an influential person to share your content, you need to create content that lives up to those standards. That means take a few hours to research, fact check, and otherwise go the extra mile for all your projects.


Time for Action

If you spend a few minutes perusing over the social media accounts of influential people, you'll find that they often share content written by everyday people. If you take the necessary steps to your content onto their radar, there's no reason why they wouldn't share yours. Just spend time doing the necessary research, follow up interested parties, and influencers will be sharing your content before you know it.

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