How To Use The Best Link Building Strategies For Your Online Business?

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Today, the focus of link building is no more on spammy links with Google penalizing websites that follow such unethical practices.

Brand names have taken precedence as ‘search terms’ over target keywords among users looking for different products and services on the Internet.

Relationship building via social platforms has gained more popularity for improving brand visibility among the customers.

Link Building

Get clue from competitor analysis

Are you aware of some of the tools that can be useful in knowing what your competitors are doing to attract more customers?

Do you know from where competitors are getting backlinks to gain more online visibility?

Using some popular tools such as Majestic can help in monitoring the activities of your competitors-analyze their social following or their keyword ranking on Google. Based on the size of their industry, you can estimate the number of prospects that you are likely to have for your business.

With good industry experience and knowledge, you make sound decisions about the link building strategies that can be most useful to boost your business prospects.


Create valuable content to get links

Do you have a compelling content that can be shared to earn more links from your competitors’ website?

Have you thought of sharing information that can be easily read and is interesting to your users?

Infographics can provide more valuable insights and information on specific topics to your target customers and allows even the most complex information to be absorbed by them easily.

A clever research done by providing objective research on your industry is always likely to get more links as most people are likely to find the data and information useful to them in some way. Check out some of the popular topics that are trending today and create an extraordinary post that is likely to get maximum shares.


Come up with a quiz or a challenge

Can you think of introducing some fun element in your content to engage your readers?

Why not create a useful quiz that will test the knowledge of your viewers and get different viewpoints?

Obviously, any content that is entertaining and has greater utility is likely to get more noticed and shared among social circles to get you more links to your website in return.


Think of a controversy

There are plenty of controversies that keep on popping out in the media every time. You can use such stories to gather reactions from the people through their blogs with a link back to your posts. Especially, breaking news and trending stories in your industry may also be used to gather information for this purpose.


Provide genuine value to your readers

If your information is authentic, useful and created by keeping your audience in the mind, then it is unlikely to fail anytime. Share original, high quality content which is informative with genuine suggestions to impress your target audience. In turn, you are likely to be rewarded with more shares and links to your website.

Educate your readers by creating step-by-step tutorials that can help in building their skills and abilities. Share tips and insights from industry leaders and experts which can add more value to your content.

You can also create micro sites that can bring huge quality links to your website with targeted traffic and qualified leads to boost your online business.

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