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Running a business with innumerable tasks and meeting different challenges to build a stable and successful organization is not easy. In this competitive world, it’s important for every marketer to establish their brand presence in the industry and carve a niche in the online space.

If you are looking at improving SEO of your business, then you need to be focused and have a customer-centric approach. Besides, having a high quality and useful content always has a greater chance of getting high quality traffic from your key audience.


Knowing what your audience wants helps

You need to know about your target market and audience who would be interested in buying your products and services. This can help in driving traffic to your website and generating highly qualified leads for your business. It’s a good idea to do some thorough research to map your audience using keywords, topics and phrases which are used in the industry.

You can also target keywords and topics specific to your content to know what type of content is performing the best across every channel. Google Analytics can be a great tool for this purpose that provides an overall picture of how your online visitors are searching for your content.


Research on your competitor’s content

Do you know what your competitors are doing to sell their online products and increase traffic to their websites?

It pays to learn the current industry trends and find out how different products and services are advertised by your competitors. You can find out the keywords that they are targeting to improve their ranking on search results and the type of content which is being currently used by them.

There are different online tools which can be used for this purpose to find out competitor data based on which you can chart out your SEO strategy.


Focus on content creation and gathering new ideas

You can have lots of interesting and variety of content in the form of blogs, landing pages, email or social media posts that can be shared with your target audience. Plus, always have some fresh ideas for content creation using a variety of forums, videos, landing pages, FAQs, Q& A websites for different topics related to your industry.

Map the content with specific keywords and topics that is most relevant to improve your online visibility and encourage quality traffic to your website.


Use keyword search tools for better results

It’s important to ensure that the keywords and topics chosen for this purpose have a high search volume and traffic. By using a tool such as Google Keyword Planner, you can get some information about the popularity and traffic for popular keywords. At the same time, the interest of the audience also needs to be taken into account, while deciding upon the keywords when they search for products or services.

For ex: Women’s wear may be a broad search term that may have high volume and competition but you can use your content ideas by mapping different keywords and related topics such as  winter women’s accessories.

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