How To Deal With Negative Social Media Crisis

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Negative Social Media

Are you worried about your social media account being misused by hackers and require some quick and effective solution?

If you are an online marketer with a social media account, chances are that sometimes some member may share something inappropriate just to harm your business reputation.

Isn’t it a good idea to have a plan in place to deal with such dicey situations, before you are unaware and caught up in the mess?

In this article, you’ll learn some simple and easy tips to recover from such stressful issues:


-Assess the situation before it gets worse

The first thing that you need to do, when you find out a suspicious post on your social media account is to carefully analyze the issue.

Obviously your instant reaction would be to delete the post straightaway, which might not be of much help. Especially, if you are using your account to run your social media campaigns, it may look really bad.

However, if there is some content which is inappropriate or hacked by someone, then there is less harm in deleting the post immediately, without any delay. There is always a threat of losing your brand image, when such situations arise but you need to be prepared for the worst in such cases.


-Apologize to your readers

It’s a good social practice to take responsibility and deal upfront with the issues than hiding it from your customers.

You can send across an apology message to your followers so that they are aware of the situation and know that you are dealing with it in the best possible manner.

Especially, someone in a higher authority or position in the company needs to assure your customers that such instances will not be repeated in the future and will be dealt tactfully.


-Engage with your community

You must be prepared to receive a flood of comments and opinions coming from your social media circles. The best way is to track social messages and mentions and respond to your community members by giving them the true story.

Topsy is a social media management tool that allows you to respond to user comments and tweets and uses social analytics to measure the damage caused to your following. In this way, at least you can avoid losing some of your existing customers and save your business reputation.


-Make sure to put new systems in place

Take all possible steps to ensure that such a similar situation does not arise in the future. A social media editorial calendar would be a secure option and a more reliable system that allows to double check your posts before final approval.

This ensures that nothing undesirable is posted under your social media account. If you are using the services of an agency, discuss your social media crisis with them to prepare a solid action plan.


In a nutshell

Whether you are facing a bad social media situation or not, it’s important to take early measures to avoid gaining a bad reputation from the media and avoid the risk of losing your valuable customers.

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