How To Improve Your Organic Rankings Without Offending Google

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Do you want to get top rankings on the search engine results page and boost your brand presence in the market?

With the tremendous competition among advertisers, it’s a tough call for companies to establish their presence among the top market influencers. It’s no more possible to tweak your organic rankings with Google penalizing such websites that fail to follow the set rules laid down by this most popular search engine.


Establish good link building practices

There are numerous websites that use aggressive link building tactics to get to the top of the search engine results page. But unfortunately, this no longer works and as a result they lose valuable traffic for their website along with their online reputation.

Make sure that you do not buy any links or use keyword based anchor text. It’s important that you do not link your website to article directories or low quality websites or social book marking sites. Guest blogging on high authority sites to get traffic can be a good way to get links back to your website.


Avoid over-stuffing your content with keywords

It’s just not enough to produce high quality content but the main focus must be on your target audience. If you know how to capture the attention of your readers and engage them by providing valuable and interesting content, you have won half the battle. Always aim to provide something new and unique, which will be appreciated and well-received by your online readers.

Today, it’s no longer acceptable to use too many keywords in your content with Google penalizing such websites. Make your content more attractive and easily readable by using interesting headlines, add captivating images and videos to leave a lasting impression on the readers.


Optimize your website for better user experience

The main aim of search engines such as Google is to provide an enhanced user experience, which should always be kept in mind. You need to have a well-designed website that provides a smooth navigation experience to the users. Check if the images, content or the videos are optimized well and all the required information is easily accessible to your online visitors.

It’s important that your website is compatible and supports different browsers and can work with most of the mobile devices.


Use minimum site wide links

Site wide links are mainly used to boost organic rankings but using too many of them can have a negative impact on your website performance. If your website uses site wide links that are hidden in a specific location and do not generate any traffic, they may be treated negatively by Google. The same applies to links that are irrelevant and used purely from the commercial point of view to boost traffic or have keyword rich anchor text.


In a nutshell

It’s always best to follow ethical ways to boost your organic rankings than using short-cut methods that will not yield the best results. By following the best practices you can provide better value to your customers and build a good brand image in the market.

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