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Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo collect information about your website through the use of programs called "crawlers". Crawlers scan through the content of your website looking for terms and words that best match what users search for. A search engine's goal is to match the search results to the user's requests as closely and as accurately as possible. That means that these crawlers are looking through your content for the words that your ideal customers use to find content that most interests them. How do you make sure your website get identified as a good match for your potential customers, and how do you make sure that your website appears higher in search results than other similar websites? A great way to ensure that you are recognized by search engines and rank high in results is to create a website that has unique keyword rich content. 

A good place to start when making sure your website has keyword rich content, is to make a list of the words and phrases you choose to make your keywords. Once you have a list of the words you consider to be the ones most closely associated with the topics you intend to deal with on your website, its a good idea to use a tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, to discover what popular keywords and phrases are often searched for in relation to the main keywords you are choosing to focus on. Then based on the results, create articles and content. Not only will this help you in the creation of additional content for your website, but it will also make it so that you are returned as a search result more often.

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Now that you have a full and comprehensive list of keywords to work with, you can begin to integrate them in your content and around your website. There are 5 areas in your website you should focus on when you are trying to ensure you have a keyword rich website:

  1. Page Title
  2. Description
  3. Headers
  4. Written content
  5. Links

Page Title

Lead with your keywords. Search engines give more weight to the first few words of titles, so your keywords should appear quickly in the titles of your pages, make use of colons, for example, if SEO is a keyword you are focusing on, "SEO: How to Improve Your Search Ranking", now you have made your main keyword the first word the search engine's crawlers will pick up on.  You should also include your keywords in the meta and tags for your page's title. When filling in the meta for the title of your pages be sure to keep it short and to the point. Optimally, meta for your title should be no more that 70 characters long, and your keywords should be prominent and featured as earlier in the meta as possible while still making sense and being relevant.  


In the description area for your content you should make sure to use the main keywords for your page, the name of your company, and if possible your website. Descriptions should not be long, aim to have them max out at 200 characters and try to ensure that when people read the description it makes them want to click on your link. If you have offers or special deals this is a great place to list them. Descriptions should be eye catching and engaging, keep that in mind when writing them. For many websites the description is the first place you are really introducing potential customers to your product, make sure your description creates a good first impression.


Headers are a space on websites that most people do not put too much thought into when they are thinking about creating a keyword rich website, however there are several ways you can use your headers to increase your keyword depth. Often in headers people insert titles and pictures, as already discussed titles for pages should include keywords and so should pictures. When adding graphics and pictures to your headers give them alternative text, and make that text includes your keywords. Search engine crawlers do not "see" images, but they do read the text you attach to images. When you are building your pages and your content make sure you think about all the spaces you can use to make your site more desirable to search engines. The more time and consideration you give to utilizing every inch of your website, the more you will see your search engine rank improve.

Written Content

Some people think that creating keyword rich content means loading your articles with keywords, however this is wrong. You should use your keywords organically, do not force unnecessary usage. When a search engine see overuse of keywords in an article they tend to ignore the pages. Internet search engines and people like content that is easy to scan and read. Using your keyword appropriately with this in mind is easy. A great way to increase your keyword usage naturally is to make use of headings, subheadings, and lists. Not only does let human and computer readers easily scan your content for important and relevant information, but it also allows you to write in a way that lets your keywords stand out in your article. Another way to help your keywords stand out is to bold or italicize them, this tells readers and crawlers that these words are important.


Including keywords in your links is an easy way to enhance your keyword usage on your website. Search engines use text links on sites to help evaluate a sites suitability to searches, so ensuring that the links you use contain keywords will increase how a search engine ranks you. Also, including links to other websites related to yours and having them link back to you will increase your search engine ranking. In general, links are a great way to improve your internet search ranking, however, making sure you include keywords in them will increase how valuable links are to your website.

Once you have optimized your keyword usage on your website, check your pages with an SEO checking tool. These tools will tell you how a search engine will likely evaluate your website, thus giving you a chance to make changes and tweak your content before putting it live on the web. Another thing these tools are good for is checking your existing content so you can go through and make changes that will improve your rating even on older content, good content never goes out of style. Improving your old content and ensuring your new content works are hard for you as it can will defiantly lead you have creating a keyword rich website and before you know it you will notice an improvement in your internet search ranking.

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