Alyssa Ast

Alyssa Ast

Alyssa Ast is a freelance writer, journalist and author of The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe. Alyssa helps business owners develop their websites and handles their SEO and marketing needs.

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The Anti-Google Search Engine DuckDuckGo Gets a Traffic Boost after Prism Scandal

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The Anti-Google Search Engine DuckDuckGo Gets a Traffic Boost after Prism Scandal
The US-based search engine DuckDuckGo may be giving Google a run for their money as their searches jumped after the US Prism surveillance scandal. Those worried about their privacy are turning to DuckDuckGo as the search engine doesn’t monitor your activity, filters out the spam and promotes an overall better search experience, according to the search engine’s users. DuckDuckGo states, “We believe in better search and real privacy.” So far, they are living up to their claim. DuckDuckGo is said to be the anonymous search engine, and for good reason. The search engine filters spam sites aggressively, which Google often allows for advertising revenue. DuckDuckGo also doesn’t track your searches or create the “filter bubble” Google uses to create individualized results. The search engine doesn’t save your search history, including the date and time of search, IP address or log-in data, which is very appealing to internet users after the...

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