Francesca Nicasio

Francesca Nicasio

Francesca is the founder of Credible Copywriting and has written for several organizations, including Internet start-ups, advertising agencies, and small businesses, just to name a few. She has helped individuals and entities put their names and messages out there by producing quality works in the form of articles, web content, video scripts, and more. Touch base with her at: or visit her website at:

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3 Success Stories of EXTREMELY Targeted Ads

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3 Success Stories of EXTREMELY Targeted Ads
Anyone who has some experience in online advertising will tell you that untargeted ads don't work. They're a bad idea that yields next-to-nothing results. You want your website or product to be in front of the people that matter, because let's face it, a million eyeballs on your advertisement won't mean anything if none of them convert. Buying untargeted ads isn't just a waste of money, it could even annoy users and ruin your brand name in the process. This is why it's extremely important to identify your target audience when running online ads. If you already recognize the importance of online targeted ads (and you're in fact using it in your business), then consider taking your advertising campaign to a more extreme level. Instead of targeting a certain demographic, why not zero in on specific individuals and tailor your ad's message to these few people in particular? Over the past couple of years, more and more businesses have used very...

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