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Improve Online Sales With More Effective Product Pages

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Online shopping will never totally match the tangible experience of in-store shopping, but by improving a website's product pages, you can make the shopping experience better for consumers, which should ultimately lead to more sales. The following techniques have all been used by successful online retailers to enhance website usability and improve sales conversions. Display Customer Reviews and Ratings Many online retailers still shy away from customer-generated reviews, believing that negative comments will damage their reputation. In fact, allowing reviews actually goes a long way toward gaining the trust of customers, and will only strengthen your reputation in the long run. If visitors fail to buy one product, they're still more likely to buy another product because of your overall transparency. Trust is the key factor in customer loyalty. Allow Customer-Generated Photos Include a link to enable customers to upload photographs of themselves using your...

Nine Essential Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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According to a Forrester Research study between 2009 and 2011, an estimated 70 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts. This should be a wake-up call to ecommerce sites who are not doing enough to reverse this trend. There are many factors contributing to shopping cart abandonment, but you can make some simple adjustments to your website to help increase the number of completed purchases. Another study by Forrester Research cited high shipping charges as the number one cause of shopping cart abandonment. If you can offer free deliveries (or no shipping fees for purchases above a certain price), make it a major marketing message on every page of your site. Many businesses still show the shipping cost at the end of the order process, which comes as a shock to many shoppers. Show additional costs on the actual product page. If you can't show the exact charge, at least give an estimate. Similarly, customers need to see the price of your products or...

Using More Effective Language to Improve Conversion Rates

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Many factors make a difference to your website's conversion rates. The design quality, navigational structure, and inbound marketing strategies are all important, but perhaps the most powerful tool is the actual language you use on your website. By understanding your visitors' needs and preferences and using more effective language, you can improve your conversion rates without spending more money on advertising or other marketing strategies. Answer Potential Customer Questions What are the most common questions from prospects? A meeting with key sales personnel will determine the most common questions, or check with customer support staff to find out key pre-sales questions. Once you know the most typical questions, include the answers within primary content areas of your website. This will not only address the uncertainties of potential customers, but also show you understand their needs from the outset. Improve Conversion Rates by Encouraging...

Five Powerful Split Testing Strategies to Improve Online Conversions

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It's not just newer websites that can benefit from split testing; if you have a successful e-commerce website, regularly testing different strategies can go a long way to improving online conversions. Split testing is the only way to discover what really works and is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve online conversions. Try out the following five tests, and you should discover the most effective ways to boost sales with simple website adjustments. Opt-in Button Positioning to Improve Online Conversions Your opt-in offer is important for gathering prospects' email addresses, building customer relationships, and improving online conversions, but where you position this call to action on the page will affect how many readers subscribe. Try placing the opt-in button on the top left hand side of the page, where people tend to look first. Placing it below content that improves your credibility - such as testimonials - can also increase online conversions....

Eight Highly Actionable Tips for Writing Believable Copy that Persuades Customers

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Most customers have taken the advice "let the buyer beware" to heart. So, when a visitor first arrives at your page, he'll be skeptical. After all, the customer doesn't have any idea who you are, and he doesn't know that you strive to live your life honestly. All he sees is another web page and another product. That means it's your job to persuade him that you're credible and that your product will work as described. Happily, marketers can follow specific, concrete steps to gain credibility with their readers. Tip One: Story Time Kindergartners everywhere agree: the best part of the school day is story time. People love stories. Tell an engaging story about your product and customers will keep reading. Make your story genuinely interesting. Don't write: "I created this product after I tried our competitor's products and realized they failed to serve their customers." Instead, tell the story of how you came to realize you had...

Tips to Improve your Conversion Rate

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Many site owners do not pay much attention to their conversion rate. In fact, one study showed that site owners typically have a conversion rate around 10 percent. Moreover, converted visitors do not always mean purchases. Conversions may simply mean answering any call to action, like signing up for a newsletter. If your site suffers from a low conversion rate, you may be losing money from your PPC/PPV campaign or any other sponsored advertisement. Your main priority should be to convert the majority of the visitors you pay for. Here are some quick tips to help you improve your conversion rate. Organize your site. Keep your site user-friendly. If your visitors can easily navigate around your site, they will have more time to read your content and answer your call to action, rather than trying to find information. If you have to, create more pages on your site, and categorize your articles by page. Some site owners use plug-ins that allow the owner to...

Ten Essential Business Blog Post Ideas: A Blueprint for Generating Content That Improves Conversions

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Regularly updating your business blog with fresh content is not necessarily going to lead to more sales. It depends on how you present yourself and your business, and how you address your audience. Generating effective content that improves conversions can be difficult; some blog posts may even damage your brand. The following 10 examples can be used as a blueprint to generate hundreds of ideas for future blog content, all designed to convert readers into customers. Focus on the positive. There's nothing wrong with talking about a popular product or service. Just approach it from the right angle. For example, to draw attention toward a certain product, express how pleased you were with all the positive feedback about that product. Or explain how a new service seems to be really popular with a certain demographic. Make people aware of the benefits of your products and services, and arouse their curiosity, without the hard sell. Feature a positive customer...

May I Have Your Attention Please? Attention-Grabbing Design for Marketing

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May I Have Your Attention Please? Attention-Grabbing Design for Marketing
The competition for attention is the starting point of any marketing endeavor - you need to make heads turn before your ad can pitch. Designing attention-grabbing marketing ads is no simple task. Fortunately, there are some tried and true approaches as well as quirks you can capitalize on to get your ad its much needed spotlight. Curiosity, Admiration, Shock By far the most effective head-turning design makes audiences curious, or makes them admire the design, or makes them look twice with shock. The last one is a specific tactic that may not have favorable results, but sometimes shocking or repulsing audiences in the right way does make for effective increase in recall. But to be on the safe side, let's tackle the first two ways to grab attention: evoking curiosity and admiration. How can we accomplish that? Through Relatable Design A good tip is to design your marketing ads to be relatable, that is to say your target market should be able to easily relate...

5 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to your Blog

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Quality backlinks are an essential element in raising your search engine rankings. Low-quality backlinks, such as those available through link exchanges and "paid for" link schemes, are now often ignored completely when calculating your search engine rankings. Here are 5 ways to get quality backlinks to your blog. Write guest posts for popular blogsPopular blogs are under a lot of pressure to keep producing quality content in order to stay popular. This can take its toll on blog owners, especially if the blog is run by just one person. For this reason, popular blogs often welcome guest bloggers, and will allow guests to place one or two links in their by-line. Have a look at the popular blogs within your area of expertise to see which ones accept guest posts and approach the blog owners with your ideas. Write guest posts for new blogsMany bloggers will only write guest posts for blogs that are more popular than their own, believing the links from less popular blogs to be...

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