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Look Out Siri: New Changes To Google's Search Engine Provides More Intuitive Results

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It's time for Google to start thinking. In the next few months, Google will start giving you more intuitive results based on a refresh the company is currently implementing. These changes represent some of the biggest changes the company has ever made to its search engine. Google isn't scrapping its beloved keyword-based search system. Website rankings are still based on the words the site contains, how often other sites link to it, and many other factors. No, what Google is doing is more of an enhancement. A major one. The company wants to provide more relevant search results by incorporating something called "semantic search." Semantic search refers to the process of understanding the actual meaning of words. For the last two years, Google has been data mining for hundreds of millions of entities like people, places, and things. It is now able to string all of these entities together and provide context for searches. For example, if you were to...

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