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Making the Most Out of Facebook's Subscribe Feature

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Making the Most Out of Facebook's Subscribe Feature
A lot of people think that the only users who can benefit from Facebook's Subscribe button are bloggers, journalists, political figures, and the like. However, this nifty feature can also do wonders if you're an entrepreneur. With the subscribe feature, people who aren't your friends will able to see your public updates on their newsfeed. If you own a business, this can really help get the word out about your company. Think of it as another avenue to help market your business. Enabling Subscriptions First things first. If you want to take advantage of the Subscribe feature, be sure to enable it. To do this, click on the Subscribers box on you Timeline. Click "Settings", and then click "On" to allow other people other than your friends to subscribe to your public updates. You can also edit who can leave comments on your updates (i.e. Everyone, Friends of Friends, or just Friends). You also need to tweak your privacy...

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