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How do I print invoices for my transactions?
You will need to login and go to My Account > Order History. Then click on the transaction ID link to get your invoice in PDF. After you click on that link, if your full account information wasn't provided yet, you will be required to add your company name and address. Once you completed your acc...
Do you offer a reseller program?
We do not offer a reseller program. However, you are allowed to purchase traffic for your customers using their URLs. In other words, you can use our services for your customers using their URLs as the campaigns destinations.
Can I get traffic for adult websites or services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer adult traffic for adult Websites.
Can I change my URL in the middle of my campaign?
You sure can. You can login to your account and change your URL(s) at any time. Just go to Live Stats > [Campaign To Edit] and click on the "Manage Campaign" button that appears when you click the campaign that you want to edit. After your new URL is submitted, our admins may take up to 3...
I want to get 10,000+ daily visitors. How can I make this happen?
The only way to have 10,000 daily visitors would be using our IP Unique campaigns, which can easily reach 100,000 daily if no cap is set.
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