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Can I use affiliate links or ad tags for my campaign?
When you use our service to purchase an campaign, you can use the destination URL of your choice - as long as it do not violate our terms of service. Some affiliate links allow you to separate the image and the link URL so it can work in our system. Ad tags will not work since those are made up of H...
Can I advertise on/for gambling websites?
Yes, as long as you’re not advertising within the United States. We do not allow Gambling sites to be advertised within the US, so you will need to remove the US from your Country Targeting.
I want to get 10,000+ daily visitors. How can I make this happen?
The only way to have 10,000 daily visitors would be using our IP Unique campaigns, which can easily reach 100,000 daily if no cap is set.
Why is the Transaction History and Earnings total for the same time frame slightly different?
Earnings projects on a day-by-day basis instead of tallying up transaction costs, which allows it to report on days that are in a range that the transaction is not. The time frames calculated are not exact, but very close, and those amounts will usually always be close, but not exact.
What are the payout terms?
Payments are NET30 and income must mature over 60 days (we are working on reducing that) with a minimum of $50.
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