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Can I change my destination URL from my account?
Yes. You can change your campaign's URL as many times as you need. In order to do so follow these steps: Go to your Live Stats Click the campaign you wish to change Click the "Manage Campaign button" Click the Change URL button and type the new URL That's it! Please understand that any change you m...
Is your traffic AdSense safe?
Traffic is AdSense safe as long as you do not push your visitors to click on the ads. Either way, you should contact Google to verify if you can use our services while having their ads.
How long does it take for my campaign to be completely delivered?
The delivery time depends on the type of campaign (global or targeted) as well as the total demand for traffic during the day. On average, global campaigns deliver 2,000 to 4,000 visits per day and targeted campaigns deliver 5,000 to 7,000 a day. However, the amount delivered per day may increase wh...
Can I advertise on/for gambling websites?
Yes, as long as you’re not advertising within the United States. We do not allow Gambling sites to be advertised within the US, so you will need to remove the US from your Country Targeting.
Can I target users by age or gender?
We do not have the ability to target by age or gender since we do not install any tracking (privacy breaching) cookies on visitors' computers. However, you can use our keyword targeting option and select keywords related to your website, such as "cooking, gourmet food, cooking recipes, etc."
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