Most Common Questions

How does FullTraffic guarantee the services provided?
All our services are guaranteed. Please read more about how we guarantee our services at our Terms of Service.
How can I access my campaign metrics?
Once you place your order, you will have access to your Live Stats, where you can view and control the amount of daily visitors and other variables. You can access the Live Stats page here:
What targeting features can I utilize?
FullTraffic offers Country, Channel, and Keyword targeting. For instance, if you only wanted to target users in Mexico and Latin America, you can do so using our Country targeting features.
Where is FullTraffic located?
Our headquarters is located in Philadelphia, USA, where we manage all major operations. We also have an office in Montevideo, Uruguay where we provide support to our headquarters.
Are targeted campaigns IP Unique?
Yes, all targeted campaigns are IP Unique. This means that you will not receive the same visitor twice. In order to achieve this, we record and save the IP address of each visitor to avoid any repeated visitor.
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