Most Common Questions

Are targeted campaigns IP Unique?
Yes, all targeted campaigns are IP Unique. This means that you will not receive the same visitor twice. In order to achieve this, we record and save the IP address of each visitor to avoid any repeated visitor.
What is FullTraffic's refund policy?
We have a policy of returning your money every time we do not comply with what we promised. If you were to find any discrepancies with our terms of service or are unsatisfied with your campaign you may open a ticket explaining the situation and we will investigate the issue. In the case of an agreem...
Can I get traffic for adult websites or services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer adult traffic for adult Websites.
How does FullTraffic guarantee the services provided?
All our services are guaranteed. Please read more about how we guarantee our services at our Terms of Service.
Can I advertise my YouTube page/video?
YouTube blocks iframes, therefore, those visitors served via interstitials won't see the page. Instead, they will only see an empty white page.
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