Most Common Questions

What types of ads do you display?
We use full-page ads (Interstitials and Pop-Unders) to show the ads.
Why is the Transaction History and Earnings total for the same time frame slightly different?
Earnings projects on a day-by-day basis instead of tallying up transaction costs, which allows it to report on days that are in a range that the transaction is not. The time frames calculated are not exact, but very close, and those amounts will usually always be close, but not exact.
How many URLs can I have for each campaign?
Each campaign can only be delivered to a single URL at a time. However, you can change the destination URL as many times as you need to once the campaign is activated.
Why does my visitor count differ from FullTraffic's?
There are many different visitor counters and they all have different requirements as to how they count for a visit. FullTraffic's counter increase by an increment of 1 every time your website is shown to the visitor. Other third party counters may require 30 seconds of browsing in your site, one or...
What is FullTraffic's refund policy?
We have a policy of returning your money every time we do not comply with what we promised. If you were to find any discrepancies with our terms of service or are unsatisfied with your campaign you may open a ticket explaining the situation and we will investigate the issue. In the case of an agreem...
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